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Xero Shoes provides a sizing chart on their website that you can use to determine your size. They also recommend measuring your feet in the afternoon, as your feet tend to be at their largest at this time of day. These benefits alter how my feet feel and lead me to walk differently than I would without shoes. Xero shoes provide a more natural fit, because of their roomy toe boxes giving more of a sense of freedom of movement.

Xero Shoes Naboso Trail Sport Sandal Review – The Trek

Xero Shoes Naboso Trail Sport Sandal Review.

Posted: Tue, 08 Sep 2020 07:00:00 GMT [source]

You probably wouldn’t wear high heels out on a mountain trail, but most hiking boots have about a 10mm heel raise between the front of the boot and the back. This table lists a quick summary of the best barefoot hiking boots included on this post. For more detailed information, sizing tips and discount codes, read the section regarding each shoe below the table.

If you have to keep your laces loose and shoes feel tight, you probably have high volume feet. I appreciate that the rubber sole is rigid and still has sufficient grip when doing Olympic lifts or agility-based exercises. The shoes have such good grip that I can’t use them when boxing as it makes it hard to pivot smoothly. There’s enough tread for slightly wet weather conditions and dry grass/turf.

One other thing to note is that the sizing for EU shoes is different for Xero. In most shoes I’ve come across, a US 13 converts to an EU 47, whereas with Xero it converts to an EU46. Xero suggest that the Prio is true to size, and selecting your normal US size should fit adequately – which was the case for me. However, e-mailing Xero for advice could be an option if you’re somewhat hesitant. Kids aren’t as cognizant of issues like toe splay, in general. When pressed, he tells me they squeeze one foot a bit at the toes.

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When you tighten the shoe laces, they pull on the heel strap and that actually helps to support the heel and keep the shoe connected to the foot at all times. However, I did find that the HFS sole was the most flexible and provided the most amount of ground feel, probably due to the unique material composition in this particular model. For this reason I preferred wearing them to the Prios.

  • The movement is not to the extent that some knit uppers have, but the HFS doesn’t lend itself to highly dynamic sports such as basketball or tennis.
  • This is a solid barefoot/minimalist shoe for everyday, as well as the gym.
  • We have not owned our current pairs of Xero Shoes for long enough to give a thorough review of their durability, but they seem fairly robust thus far.

If you’re already fully adapted to minimal and big hikes, you might prefer something that’s got a more flexible sole. The Kidepo is a lightweight, barefoot, wide toe box hiking shoe. The mesh uppers are made from recycled coffee grounds. This innovative knit fabric is lightweight, durable, super breathable, antimicrobial and quick drying. Freet is a British company launched in 2011 with a mission to free your feet! Their initial 4+1 patented design featured a separate space for the big toe to allow it to move independently.

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But, in general, this works very well for running, especially for people who land on their forefoot or midfoot and have faster stride rates. However, there will be a small adjustment period if you’re used to supportive shoes. There are a couople of Xero shoes which come most highly recommended for running.

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The lightweight makes the Xero HFS excellent as both a minimal daily training shoe and uptempo/racing shoe for those looking to run fast in as little as possible). I was able to do strides on road and found the shoe easy to turn over in once my legs got used to firm ground. I was not able to take the HFS for longer mileage given my own limitations but found the shoe retained its protection even after hour days walking, standing and moving in clinic. The traction on the outsole provided enough grip to turn quickly, lift and do just about any physical activity. Those looking for a minimal running or multi-purpose gym shoe will find what they need in the Xero HFS. At only 6.8oz for a Men’s US9, it feels like you’re only wearing socks.


When held, they look like they have a lot of toe spring but there is only a very minimal upward tilt when they are worn, and even that will fade with more wear on his newer pair. The shoes come with color-coordinating traditional laces, but he much prefers elastic Lock Laces, so they’re always instantly switched out. Once you’ve found your baseline, use that and your desired fit- snug or roomy- to look up your sizing in other models. If you’re trying to figure out what size to buy you’ve come to the right place! This guide will cover Xero and Lems brand shoes, with other brands we carry to be added over time.

Second, the round laces allowed the sandal to roll laterally. Third, the hemp laces, and most round laces I’ve used, would stretch when wet. Xero guarantees the soles of these sandals for 5000 miles, although it pays to read the fine print.

There is some sort of shaping support to the natural sole of this shoe, that doesn’t quite leave you flat bottomed. I have inspected it and have come to that conclusion. So nice to loose all that bulk, for it was really feeling heavy and a touch awkward compared to a more minimal shoe. As a result, I have now ordered two other Xero shoes in three sizes each to figure out what is the best fit in those. I will update that here if anyone hits a like on the review.

I was talking about more padding relative to a hard-core minimal shoe like the Vivo Trail shoe, which has a thin sole and no mid-sole. I’ve done long alpine walks in this kind of minimal footwear, and my feet got a bit bruised. Not enough to spoil the trip, but enough to convince me that I need to be more pragmatic and compromise a bit. Now that spring has finally arrived in New York, I’m really looking forward to ditching the snowshoes, spikes, and heavy pack and getting back into ultralight mode, whether hiking or running. This may surprise some readers, but my first priority will be to drop shoes altogether and go barefoot, which for me is the most fun mode of experiencing the mountains. When I ordered my usual size in the Prios, I got the required fit.

Shoe Review: Xero Shoes Zelen – Eco-Friendly Road Running Sneakers

While thin, three layers of foam help protect and cushion your feetAs a water crossing shoe, they are light and easy to carry just in case you need them. They easily stuff in a back or side mesh pocket on your pack, or you can hang them from a carabiner on the outside of your pack to dry. Although they are thin, they are preferable to being barefoot, and they will stay on your feet much better than a slip-on like a flip flop or Croc.

  • I decided to try these because I’ve had recurring knee pain.
  • It seems like if a company is going minimal, they’re going for all the features.
  • While thin, three layers of foam help protect and cushion your feetAs a water crossing shoe, they are light and easy to carry just in case you need them.

I am fit, 63, but the docs cannot believe my age… All because I keep my tail moving, hiking etc. alongside of nutrition. It’s like a health investment that pays dividends for years to come. So if you are wondering if you can make that transition to a different type of shoe that is minimalist, the Prios is that entry door.

Xero shoes unlike Vivobarefoot are very unforgiving when it comes to fit. If you get the wrong size shoe your experience will be greatly impacted. That’s why I stress, be sure you get the right size shoe. The natural feel of Xero Shoes comes from the soles, which are flexible and made to let the foot bend naturally. One of the promises made by Xero shoes is that they would “conform” to the foot and provide a natural fit, sensation, and motion for everyone who wears them.

By the way, just noticed that they’ve opened a US site. what is included in cash and cash equivalents not offering the trail shoe right now, but it’s new so I imagine they’ll be stocking it at some point. I don´t like it either, though in this case it seems to work OK for me. They are however still not ideal, the sole is a bit to stiff and rigid compared to what I really want.

The Best Water Shoes for Hiking – Outdoor Life

The Best Water Shoes for Hiking.

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This made sense then as to why my typical size would then fit in the Trackers. The outsole has a 2.5mm base and 4mm lugs featuring Vivobarefoot’s hex flex design. I’ve found this means good ground feel, but the grip isn’t compromised. They’ve performed well in both wet and dry conditions and over various terrain, including rocks and mud. The uppers are treated leather with sealed seams and an inner membrane to make them waterproof. These boots also have a removable thermal insole for extra warmth.

I’ve got a reasonably standard volume foot, and I had to crank the laces a little tight to achieve the perfect fit. So, if you have a high-volume foot, you’ll have more than enough room without breaking out the top of the upper. On the contrary, if you have a low-volume foot, you may have to take a pass on the HFS.

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Many of our female customers find a great fit in our men’s styles. Just be sure to adjust the size by 1 (for example a women’s 39 is the same length as the wider men’s 40 in our shoes). I’ll always love hiking in sandals but these are perfect for me to round out my hiking shoe ‘wardrobe’. They mean I can really enjoy big days and unpredictable Alpine weather without worrying about cold toes. I might even go up a bit more for days when I want to wear my heaviest wool hiking socks.

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