What is PVD?

PVD is known to be Physical vapor deposition, where a thin film solid material is vaporized in a vacuum habitat and deposited on materials as pure materials or alloy composition materials. PVD coatings are highly durable, corrosion and scratch resistant. With PVD coatings we can develop certain attributes such as hardness, lubricity, adhesion and more. They act as a barricade against damage and reduce friction. PVD coatings are low budgeted coatings with royal shine and royal look. The beauty of luxury with a pocket friendly price is only possible with PVD coatings. When compared with Electroplating, PVD coating is the best choice. PVD coating gives uniform deposition of the metal film and improve adhesion up to 6%. There is no involvement of any harmful chemicals or materials. A gold PVD coating can be without any tarnish for about 12-18 months. Nowadays, most of the jewelry materials are coated with PVD as it can provide definite color and shine as in the original authentic jewels. PVD coated jewels don’t oxidize hence using those jewels while in contact with moisture or water. Hence, PVD coated jewels are the best form of imitation jewelry that’s best to wear in every mode. Rather than gold, silver and rose gold PVD coatings are also available in black plating. Black plated watches and bracelets are nowadays a sense an elegance. A thin film of black deposition materials is deposited over the material to provide a non-tarnished and uniform look of elegance. Here at Labdhi, we offer a wide range of PVD coatings that gives you luxury, royal and dazzling finish of materials that can either be jewels, elevators, interior designs, elevation designs, other beauty product containers. Watches and bracelets made from the black PVD coated material is also a new way of PVD coaters. For wide range of PVD coatings, get in touch with the India’s Largest vacuum oven PVD coaters, LABDHI.

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